Northern Lights

7/8 - Looting of River Deep


They just captured Jollivar. Wilfred and Wolfgang stripped him of his possessions. Dim gave him Master Renfren's special potion and placed him in the bag of holding. Dim casted a new spell he learned called Leomund’s Tiny Hut which created an opaque hut of protection so they could all take a long rest and tend to their wounds. They setup by the tower where Tannis was. They nor their enemies cannot see or hear through the hut in either direction but they themselves can freely pass through it. People attuned their magic weapons during the long rest.


Jeanne Marie was up first and left the hut to verify the coast was cleared. The group decided to loot the place. They inspected every tower and every room, even the bodies and dead archers on the hill. During the looting, they found two trapped chests. Wilfred used a spear to open first chest at a distance which emitted gas and made everyone sleep 1-4 hours. The second chest, they all left the room while Wilfred opened it from the back causing spears/darts to shoot out.


They found several magical items and divided them up between the party.

  • Jollivar's Flaming Sword – Wolfgang

  • Jollivar's Warhammer – Ilse

  • Light Crossbow – Tannis

  • The Magic Scimitar, Dim had been carrying, went to Jeanne Marie

  • Magical Cloak that camouflages – Dim

  • Magical Shield – Wilfred

  • 2 scrolls, Scroll of Haste and Scroll of _____ – Rurik

  • Other Treasure and Gold was evenly split to the parties directly involved with Jollivar's capture (see Dim for breakdown)


They decided to leave the boat River Swine behind and hoped it would be there later for retrieval and headed inland towards Red Lark. As they were leaving they noticed a movement and went to investigate. They found Ahdala who was being held prisoner by Jollivar. But Wilfred was overwhelmed and surprised. Ahdala was his wife, a sorcerer who cast a magic spell years ago and disappeared, he presumed she was dead. For Ahdala, only a few months had past and she found herself in Jollivar's prison the whole time. Ahdala joined the party and Wilfred filled her in on what we were doing on the way to Red Lark.


They went to the Swinging Sword Inn and met with an old friend Kalessa. She told them cultists had attacked <u>Bellitar???</u>. Dim sung a ballad recounting the exploits of Wolfgang, the statue man and his battle against Jollivar. They then headed to Long Saddle. The Gilded Horseshoe inn was closed and the mood somber. Inside was Gelda the Godlen and the Sheriff. They learned that her father Nathan drowned in his own bed. They talked to the Sheriff about their suspicions of cultists but he suspected Renfren up on Treasure Hill. Because the Inn was closed, the Sheriff offered the Jail for sleeping. The next day Dim picked up his custom armor from the blacksmith Rail and they went to see Master Renfren. Wolfgang, Jeanne Marie, and Ahdala were wary of him and decided to wait outside. Wilfred decided to brave it and go inside with Dim, Ilse, and Tannis. They were met by Seeves went through the standard process of stowing all their weapons then entering through the darkness into the light to meet Master Renfren who had them sit down on couches. They open the bag of holding and delivered Jollivar. He asked where the other's were and they told them they left the party and moved to other areas of the country. He didn't like that a lot of the original party was gone and was concerned about their success. He insisted that everyone come inside. Seeves gathered Wolfgang, Jeanne Marie, and Ahdala inside and showed the weapons rack. Everyone put all their weapons away except for Wolfgang who keeps his family heirloom, jambiya, a hooked dagger worn by almost all Calishite men, as a belt buckle of sorts to hold up his pants. Seeves motioned them to head through the darkness towards Master Renfren.


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