Northern Lights

7/29 - New Member Allegiance to Master Renfren

Tannis, Ilse, and Wilfred were inside of Master Renfren's sitting on the couch waiting for the rest of the party to join. Wolfgang, Jeanne Marie, and Ahdala were just invited in by Seeves. Jeanne Marie and Ahdala gracefully move through the darkness while Wolfgang stumbles and crashes into an object scattering to the floor. Master Renfren motions to the chair and says, “sit down my children”. He first shows the new pledges visions, good memories of their past. Somehow they can all see and experience each other's memories and it feels wonderful. Then Master Renfren shows them future visions of very troubling experiences of famines and torched earth, Waterdeep on fire, elementals chasing down and killing people. The people begin to worship the four evil elementals in effort to please them but it doesn't help, the elementals consume and kill everything in sight. Ahdala and Wilfred saw their demise in detail. Wolfgang and Jeanne Marie saw themselves running from town to town, making it to Wolfgang's mentor's farm, only to see Ian and his family killed. They manage to live in a cave for a while only to have Wolfgang killed by a dragon and Jeanne Marie frozen to death. When they woke from the visions and returned to the present, Master Renfren told them these are only possible futures if they choose not to pledge allegiance to him. They asked him several questions to understand what this meant then swore allegiance.


Master Renfren then turned to business and told them the next person to be brought in for healing is Hellenrae, leader of ogremark? surface forces in the dessert of ______.


Side Note: The DM asked if we noticed that so far that group has been attacking the surface (dwarven bases).


Renfren motioned them to the chest and in it they found 20 purses containing 100gp each. A small blue velvet lined box engraved with the 4 elements containing 6 rosed colored healing potions 2d8 +3, a small faceted green gem called (<u>om-ni-on per ga-te?</u>) the garnet of hygiene which can be used up 8 times a day by holding it and saying it's name, and small piece of leather with a hand drawn map inside leading to the monastery where Hellenrae lives in the southern Sundren Hills.


They divided up the chest, 286gp to the 7 players directly involved with capturing Jollivar, 6 healing potions to the players in tonight's session, and Ilse is holding the remaining items for the party.


Renfren tells them they must use the garnet of hygiene before they return next time. They follow Seeves out and pick up their weapons and leave Treasure Hill. As soon as they walk out the door, Wolfgang's pants fall and he is covered in rust. It turned out the family dagger that Wolfgang uses to hold up his pants rusted away as does all weapons brought in Renfren's presence. Wolfgang took the opportunity to use the garnet of hygiene to clean the rust, but had to hold up his pants and borrow someone's dagger.


They headed towards the town. Huey, Nathen's eldest son met them halfway. He apologized they had to sleep in the Jail the night before and told them they could stay in the inn for free, but unfortunately there won't be any services in the morning. As they walked together towards the town, the Sheriff met them and asked for a favor. He said there was trouble at the Brewster's homestead and he needed help. However a rider came in from <u>Mirabar?</u> announcing there was an Orc gathering in the North (which last happened over 50 years ago) being led by an Orc Chieftain from City of Many Arrows. The anticipated attack is on Silvering Moon the largest city near the frontier. The Sheriff said 4 men have been killed at the Brewster's but he had to stay in town in case the Call to Arms was made and he had to gather men to fight the orcs. He begged them to help. They struggled with the decision to help the Sheriff first or go directly on Master Renfren's quest. Since they have a relationship with the people in Long Saddle, it was one of their primary base of operations, it was only a 4 day journey, and Master Renfren didn't say Hellenrae had to be healed “immediately”, they decided to help the Sheriff. They agreed to meet him at first light and he would introduce them to Randall, a young man from the Brewster's homestead who could fill them in the details and guide them.


When they left the Sheriff's they could hear that Rail was still open and Wolfgang really wanted a new dagger to hold up his pants. Wolfgang introduced himself as a friend of Dim's and inquired about a dagger. Rail told him it would be faster and cheaper to get it from the mercantile in the morning but Wolfgang persisted. Rail told him he didn't have one ready but could assemble one now, but he had to pick it up at first light. Wolfgang prepaid the 3gp. Wilfred inquired about a long sword. Rail showed him a beautiful engraved blue steel sword that a Prince ordered but never paid for, that cost 1500gp. Rail said he doesn't offer it to just anybody but he could clearly tell Wilfred was a warrior deserving of a fine sword. Wilfred admired the sword and told him it was finely-crafted, but he couldn't afford it at this time. He later told the group that he decided would rather invest in armor first then a sword second.


They left Rail's and headed to the Inn. It was empty and no one to greet them. Everyone, except Wolfgang, used the garnet of hygiene to clean-up themselves. Ilse and Tannis showed them to the rooms. In the morning, there was no baking of bread as usual. Wolfgang headed to Rail's first to pick up the dagger and the rest of the party headed to Phiphle's, the mercantile. Wilfred asked about about protection for their eyes against sand storms after going through several options they settled on a linen wrap. Wolfgang and Jeanne Marie were familiar on how to wrap it around the face and the head from spending time with the Calishites. Several members of the party bought one for 4gp each. Wilfred also purchased a Javelin quiver at 5gp 5sp. Wolfgang arrived at that point and asked to have one. Phiphle didn't have one but could have it ready when they returned in 8 days. Wolfgang also asked about spectacles which took Phiphle by surprised. Phiphle said “What Phiphle doesn't have, Phiphle can get.” Wolfgang made a deal that he would pay up to 20gp if Phiphle could fashion him some spectacles upon their return in 8 days. They finished their purchases and headed over to the Sheriff's


The Sheriff introduced them to Randall, a 13 year old lanky lad. He told them that 4 men didn't return, when they investigated the area was covered in blood, everything was trampled, and the caravan missing. 10 men size shapes moving faster then men can move, were seen going up into the hills filled with trolls. Wilfred asked Randall if he had any weapons or protection, the Sheriff provided him with ill-fitted armor and a spear. They headed out and waited until they were a ways off, in order not to offend the Sheriff, when they took away the armor leaving Randall with a spear and helmet. They put it into the bag of holding which startled and frightened Randall. Randall turned out to be a good wilderness scout picking out the perfect campsite. Tannis took the first watch. Jeanne Marie took the second watch but as usual stayed up the rest of the evening, and Ilse took the third watch. The 1st and 2nd day were very uneventful. On the third day, Tannis and Ahdala see a group of 12 humanoid shapes running parallel to them, but they were so fast there was no way to catch up. On the third night during the third watch, Ilse heard some noise and started investigating the noise. Jeanne Marie saw Ilse alert and moving out. Jeanne Marie being worried about the group they saw the night before might be ambushing, woke up Wolfgang and started following Ilse. Ilse made it about 120ft outside of camp with Jeanne Marie halfway behind her when a large roar wakes up the rest of the party. Suddenly Ilse finds herself face-to-face with a foul-stench troll. She swung her war hammer and missed, sliding across his slimy stinky skin. It was too dark for Jeanne Marie's human eyes, so she used her light cantrip to light up her scimitar and move forwards towards Ilse. The rest of the party made it to the troll in waves each taking turns hacking away with little success. Wilfred stands between Wolfgang and Jeanne Marie to protect them both only to be critically injured by the troll in one stroke. The only one making any significant damage is Wolfgang with his flaming sword. Randall yells in the background more fire. Jeanne Marie was standing directly in front of the troll and casted her Chromatic Orb and set the troll ablazed. Randall thrust his spear and dealt the final blow to the troll. Randall yelled “Quickly, cut it up and burn it, burn it all.” The party burnt all of the troll and started to head back to camp to regroup.


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