Master Olin Renfren

Owner of Treasure Hill, Longsaddle




A mysterious elderly gentleman who walks with the aid of a cane with a large clear crystal head for a handle, Olin purchased the old Harpell manor in 1490 DR and immediatly had it refurbished and remodeled. He turned it into a living space with a large retail shop in what was once the grand entrance ballroom. There he has stocked the shop with all manner of strange and wondrous devices from all over the realms. He is not well known in the town, and many are nervous about having such a rich and eccentric neighbor, though he seems friendly enough.

The party has met Master Renfren while searching for Glim, Dim the Bard’s father. Master Renfren was sold lutes that appear to have been manufactured by the expert hands of Glim, and he identified the man who was selling them to him as a man consorting with Goblins. This appeared to be new news to Master Renfren and he was very displeased. There is something supernatural and a little frightening about Master Renfren, though by all outward appearances he seems to be a refined and gentlemanly rich noble with a penchant for Eastern Style dress and who speaks with an eastern accent.

He walks with a limp and the aid of an unusual walking cane of some dark polished wood of unidentifiable origin, straight as a rapier. The cane is topped with a softball sized clear quartz crystal that is cut with facets and reflects any light that hits it with rainbow effects. Master Renfren keeps regular shop hours every tenday, and is closed on nineday and tenday. The shop is nearly always empty of customers save when caravans come through. Though Olin is friendly to the townies, they are all nervous around him and steer clear of his presence. Master Renfren isn’t ever seen in town unless he is passing through on one of his many trips.

Edit: The party has now completed two missions for Master Renfren and has been richly rewarded each time. First Grayle was recovered and brought alive to him, as well as the armor of the Wight of Neverwood. Then Sir Merroska was captured alive and also returned, his Knights of Featherdale routed and seemingly scattered.


Renfren, after this latest successful mission, made the party an offer they couldn’t refuse. He would become their Patron, richly rewarding them for completing his orders and promising never to compromise the party by giving them missions that would dishonor them, and in return for receiving their unwavering loyalty. He is pleased to receive his new servants. In return he has given the heroes a bag of holding as well as revealing his true form to them, that of a very large blue skinned Ogre Magi from Kara-Tur in the far east. There is a timelessness about his ogre features that hint of an ancient age, and the sense of arcane power and danger remains with him, but after the oath of loyalty is received, no longer causes fear in the hearts of the party. Above is seen his sigil which he has adorned upon his revealed clothing, while below is an example of one of his war masks.


Master Olin Renfren

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