This slender lethal weapon is constructed of pure Mithril (truesilver).




Gleam (Glín in the Elvish language) was made in the days before history when the High Elves ruled in the North. It’s slender blade was forged of the purest Mithril, mined from the deep earth in an era where the Dwarves and Elves lived in harmony with one another. It was built to defend the realm’s against the monsterous denizens of the deep wood, fell beasts given life by nightmare gods, it was a light in dark places.

Gleam is a +1 weapon which upon command glows with a silver radiance that provides light in a fifteen food radius. This light acts as a circle of protection against evil with 3 uses daily. On a critical hit, Gleam does triple damage and severs a limb.


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