Northern Lights

Third Game Session October 8th

The Thick of it

   Leaving the clear cut the party followed Wind in the Brush into the Neverwinter forest. Travel was slowed by the thick covering of snow, and often the large buck vanished from view (in fact he was unseen more often than seen), however his trail was easy to spot, and where it might have been more difficult, Wind in the  Bush had used his large rack to disturb the snow even further to make it obvious. Dangerous in a forest just emerging from a long winter filled with hungry predators, but obviously for the benefit of the party. A cold camp followed a day of difficult packing into the woods, which was interrupted once by a dire boar who had no interest in harassing a large well armed group of adventurers.

   In the morning the travelers continued and by midmorning it was discovered that they were paralleling a trail that had recently been stamped down but a large party of goblins. Wind in the Bush kept his path far enough away not to be easily spied by anyone on this trail, but he was also clearly following it. Soon thereafter the party came across a goblin watch post built up on some high branches, though it was thankfully empty and had been so for some time. Likely it was a post manned only in warmer weather. Then, forty minutes or so past the post, a clearing was spied. The goblin nest had been uncovered. Wind in the Bush stayed inside the perimeter of the trees and stamped his fore hoof in either a salute or an acknowledgement that he had accomplished his task, and vanished back into the forest.

   The nest appears to have been set up in a natural fissure in the side of a cliff. A large pile of ice and snow covered scree rested against that cliff, creating a navigateable ramp to the top, and which also had a post of guards atop it. Two bow armed and very sleepy goblin warriors kept watach from the post. Other than the assortments of debris one expects from such a filthy place, the ground was cleared for fifty yards in all directions about the front of the entrance and it was very quiet, so (naturally) a full frontal assault was quickly decided. The two guards were driven from their post up into the forest above the nest after having been caught unawares by stealthy adventurers (ie. they were asleep), however one had a horn with him which he constantly sounded. The goblins escaped up into the tree line at the top of the cliff, and the chase after those two was abandoned in favor of taking the entrance of the nest by force This plan ultimately resulted in the party being flanked on both sides as the two warriors doubled back to attack from behind once the adventurers had entered the fight with the goblin guards inside the entrance room of the nest. 

   Eventually the goblin sentries were defeated in both the clearing outside and in the entrance room, and from there the group tried to quietly investigate the foul smelling nest. Small skirmishes erupted with goblin guards and many nasty traps were encountered as well. Soon the adventurers learned that though this is a small tribe of greenskins, there were still a large number of them here. As it was day outside, most of the tribe was in its furs sleeping, with only a few guards scattered about. The party skirted these chambers and made its way to a door which held one of the men they had been searching for, Arbor Grayle! He was found sleeping on a cot behind a reinforced and locked door which Dim adroitly picked open. 

   Arbor engaged the group in banter, seemingly pleasantly suprised by the group's rescue of him from the goblins. Mostly he was concerned about Glim whom he quickly picked out as Dim's father, and spun a tale of having rescued Glim in the wilds only to have been captured by Brokenear's tribe of goblins. The selling of Glim's lutes was a scheme he and the gnome had hatched to ensure they both remained valuable to the goblin chief and thus spared. He offered to help the party get Glim out of the nest if they would help him to escape the wrath of the goblin chief. Not trusting him, he was allowed only a dagger for his defense and was kept contained amidst the party as they continued on to find Glim. Arbor directed them into a small hall which ended at a curious door, when Dim tripped a pit trap which he only narrowly avoided. Arbor then began to yell "Brokenear, help!" and was tackled by Artorius to prevent his escape.


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