Wilford The Gentle

Human, Former town guard in Miribar




Once upon a time, in a town far, far to the north, there was a mighty warrior named Wilford the Bulwark. This man fought valiantly against the threat of the Orc, and commanded a mighty army to keep the safety of the towns under his guard against this perpetual threat. He passed down through his children his penchant for good, for defending the weak, and to do what needs to be done. With his renown and legacy in the guard he also passed down his name… to every son and grandson that came after him.

This man was my great, great grandfather, and thanks to him I fight for what is right in this world… I also have both a father and two uncles named “Wilford”. My father is the commander, he is part of a group that oversees the organization of the town guard, one of my uncles is the guard captain in another city, and my other uncle died defending Miribar against the orcs when I was very young.

I am a lieutenant in the guard; I’ve been in the guard since I’ve was old enough to swing a sword. My first station for a year was to ferry the troops around the river outside of town. When I was old enough I joined the horseback patrols outside the city, fighting orcs, keeping the roads safe, that sort of thing. Now I mostly do my work inside the city; I track down criminals, extract some information, and do what needs to be done to protect this place.

Actually, that reminds me, did you hear about that temple to Tempus that was by the tavern? It’s a pile of rubble now, but back when I first started patrolling inside the town it was one of our main sources of recruitment. They had been working some program where they would take in orphans and aging warriors, and the old guys would teach the kids whatever they could about combat in exchange for living quarters. When the kids were old enough, they got the fast track into the town guard; great service for the community, kept us swimming in new recruits to fight outside and inside the walls.

Anyways, so this one night I was at the tavern with the boys, the ones I patrol with, mind you, not the ones in the orphanage, and we hear this commotion outside. We get out and we see that is going on, and the roof has gone up in flames. So I get the boys to start going for water, and I go to the front door to the place, and wouldn’t you know it? It’s barred from the inside. I can hear that there are still people inside, so I start chopping on the door with my sword, really ruin the blade, but I do enough damage that I can kick the thing in. The door, mind you, not my sword. I get inside, start pulling out old men and children, and we get everyone out before the whole thing comes down

So we’re in the open, a whole crowd is all around us, and the boys and I are all out of breath, the kids and the aged fighters are all coughing up soot. Now I’ve had a bit of the brew, so between that and the smoke in my head I’m still pretty out of it. The only thing on my mind is the damage to my sword, and how replacing it is going to come out of my pocket. Replacing my sword, mind you, not my mind. And this priest comes up to me and gives me this whetstone; tells me it’s enchanted and I can use it to sharpen my sword with it once a day if I pray to Tempus.

Anyhow, the priest turned out to be crazy, it was him that started the fire, and I ended up replacing my sword anyway, but I tell you; this whetstone really works.
Is that why they call me Wilford the Gentle? Because I saved the kids? Heh heh, no, it’s because of the finger-breaking thing. My father liked to follow the rules a bit more, and it got in the way of his investigation, I’ve found that for the scum of the earth, the fastest way to the truth is through the fingers.

So I kept working in the city for a while, and I suppose everything was going alright. We got a new captain of the guard from another city, and for a while things were pretty normal, at least it seemed that way. Then things started to change, so slowly you don’t even notice them. I’m well aware that sometimes you have to bend the rules a bit to ensure justice, but when the day came that the law directly opposed justice, I knew I had no more place in the city guard. By this time, all of the men I had learned to trust with my life had gone to work in other cities, and we had a new group of men. I had the night off, and I decided to walk the city. I wasn’t patrolling, you see, I was just walking; it helps clear my mind.

As I’m making my way down the street, I hear a ruckus in a dark alley. Dark alleys are known for ruckuses, and I had nothing else on the schedule, so I made time for a ruckus and went into the alley. I see some of the new guards standing there, one with his sword out, and they’ve got this rogue tied up. I know her, she runs with a criminal crowd so we’ve run across each other a few times, but I’ve never known her to do anything to lose her head over. It’s not like she was able to fight back at this point either, they’ve got her tied up and they’re fixing to end it right there.

So I stroll in and ask what is going on, they tell me to mind my business, back and forth like you’d expect from someone doing something they know they’re not supposed to be up to. Anyway, one thing leads to another, they take their eyes off her for one second, she gets herself free, some guys go after her, some guys come after me, the fists come out, and I start passing out naps like its bedtime. It was all a bit of a mess, so you’d have to ask her about the details.

Long story short, I bring it up to the captain, the lieutenant in charge of the night shift has the captain on his side, and I end up getting an early retirement. They tell me it’s all a misunderstanding, but since I attacked the city guard I should be in bigger trouble than I am. It’s only on account of my father’s position as a commander and my name that they want to keep it quiet. The deal they give me is that I leave town quietly, go with the rogue, and I don’t cause any more trouble. I get to keep my rank, untarnished, and they are free to keep the city safe in their own way. That’s fine by me, if I can’t protect the town my way, then I’m better off going somewhere else to do some good. So anyway, we made our way south from there, and we’ve been helping out here and there where we can along the way.
As far as I was concerned, this is where our dealing with Miribar ended, but it’s not as simple as that. From what the rogue tells me, this whole incident in the alley was connected to something bigger. Apparently, there’s some bad blood between her, or her parents, and the thieves’ guild, and this is only something that came about recently; around the same time they started changing out the leadership in the town guard. Story is that this pirate Sholar Quanderil has been running a smuggling operation with the thieves’ guild in Miribar, and he has his own plans about how the whole city is to be run. She figures that not only are his guys responsible for the attempted execution, but they might also be putting their own guys in the guard. Far as she sees, they still might be after her, and between that and finding out how deep this corruption goes, this is definitely something we had to look into.

Seeing how both the rogue and I are familiar dealing with the criminal element, a few questions to the right people and we were able to track him here. He’s been known to frequent the Bargewright Inn, but that place is its own bucket of bad news. Now naturally my first thought was to go in swinging, but I at least have the half-a-brain rattling around to see when we’re outmatched. Bandit king there by the name of Nalaskur Thaelond, and his goons are likely to put up more of a fight than the two of us can handle straight-on, so we’re keeping our distance to see if we can spot a weak spot in the armor.

We’ve holed up with some elderly couple across the river from the Inn so we can keep an eye on it. The rogue was poking around for information and she found out about these people unhappy with the criminal element. I’m staying within the town, and they are all keeping quiet about our presence so they don’t get any trouble from the local gang. The old man brings back gossip that he hears from the ferry that he works. They’re more than happy to help a couple of people looking to do some good and maybe mete some justice on the heads of some scumbags making everyone’s life harder. They don’t know the whole story of what we’re up to, I honestly think they might just like the company. Sweetest folks, them, they’re probably better off not knowing what we’re planning across the river.

Wilford The Gentle

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