Sir Thurl Merosska

Captain of the Feathergale Knights




The charismatic leader of the Feathergale Knights, Sir Merosska is a retired captain of the Griffin Watch of Waterdeep Keep. Gathering the more militant youth from the cream of Waterdeep’s youthful nobility (attracting those who are too far down the familial ladder to expect significant inheritances) he gathers them at Feathergale Spire and trains them in the skills of warfare and most notably riding flying mounts of all types. Currently the Spire holds mostly giant vultures which are native to the Sumber Hills, however there are a couple of Hippogriffs and Sir Merosska’s griffin, Seraph. Also among his knights are a number of oddly thin servants who appear to be starving, but seem to suffer none of the effects.

Edit: Sir Merroska was discovered to be false by Dim when the later found a letter incriminating him as an operative for the Howling Wind, the cult of Elemental Air. In an infiltration assault he was rendered unconscious and captured by the party an the initiates, monks, and knights of the tower were either killed or routed. The party poisoned him with one of Renfrens very effective sleep potions and delivered him to their Master who rewarded them richly.

Sir Thurl Merosska

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