Seraph - Merroska's War Griffin

The pair were once known by the Moniker, Skyhammer.



The famous Blue Griffon Wing of the Waterhavian watch when Captain Merroska commanded.


The war griffin Seraph served with Captain Merroska for eleven years before the Knight was retired. She is still every bit as beautiful as this earlier portrait, and equally as powerful. When Knights retire from the watch, if their griffin is still alive, they release them into the wild to live out their remaining days in freedom, this is a city mandate. The beasts will only bond to one rider, and should another try to mount them the results are typically bloody and fatal. Attempts to create magical bonds have lead to mentally unstable and unpredictable griffins. Some few men seek their mounts out after the ceremony and take them again as companions and steeds. This is strictly against the city’s protocols and marks a man as a danger to the free city and an outcast. The city does not want units of ex-griffin riders gathering outside of its jurisdiction, as this has in the past proved troublesome. Sir Merroska appears to be one of these men. He must still have significant contacts within the city to have attracted so many youthful and affluent followers.

Seraph is the only griffin in the Spire’s stables, and all the other mounts fear her.

Edit: Slain in the battle for the tower.

Seraph - Merroska's War Griffin

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