Servant of Master Renfrin, Longsaddle




Seeves is a mute (he hasn’t a tongue) who is very loyal to his master. He seems to be well liked in town for his quick smile and ready laughter, and he has learned to communicate with his hands, expressions, and clever movements of his arms and legs. It is impossible to get information out of him regarding Master Renfren, and persistence of inquiry in this area will earn his cold shoulder.

The party has now become oath bound to Master Renfren, upon the advice of Seeves. Master Renfren offered the group a choice between service or a memory wipe, which Seeves indicated was actually a death threat. It seems Seeves also once attempted to leave Renfren’s service, which is how he lost his tongue as punishment. He too was once an adventurer, however his friends refused to submit when that party left the Ogre’s service, and paid the ultimate price for it.

Seeves further indicated that Master Renfren’s goals are pure, but his methods of obtaining them are often not. Master Renfren appears to be a creature who believes the ends justify any means necessary. Seeves indicated to the group, that the God’s themselves may be the only rescue from Renfren’s service.

Seeves is intelligent, friendly, helpful, and sometimes funny, and it appears he has taken a liking to our heroes. Perhaps with his help, the situation they find themselves in will not bring them to an early end.


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