Rail Smith

Owner of Sixhorns Smithy, Longsaddle




Rail was once human. He was the son of the town smith. and he once single-handedly saved Longsaddle from a vicious Goblin raid that took the life of both of his parents. After the fight he died of wounds which he had received and in gratitude the town paid to have Rail reincarnated, by which he rose again as a gigantic Minotaur. He is a master smith who is known up and down the High Road for his wares, but mostly for his unique story. Rail is still the hero of Longsaddle and loved by everyone there, and they defend Rail against all who would slander his good name out of racism (which in this case is somewhat understandable as Minotaurs are known man eaters).

Rail is dependable, good natured, even handed, and a good businessman. Even for a Minotaur he is impressively massive, standing nearly nine feet tall with almost a four foot shoulder span, he is able to lift horses without aid. He has been called upon to help with barn raisings, moving field rock, and other tough jobs that require great strength, but his time is valuable and most folks do not wish to impose upon upon him as, like all Minotaurs, Rail is nocturnal. Rail consumes raw beef mostly which he purchases locally, as by nature all Minotaurs are carnivores.

Edit: RaIl is currently working on constructing arms for an order out of Triboar for the watch there, but soon he will begin work on armor for the party. He will start work in a couple of weeks and it will take another month to complete the commission.

Rail Smith

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