Phiphil Bitterroot

Owner of Perfectone Mercantile, Longsaddle




A hardworking and well respected member of the Longsaddle town council, Phiphil and his wife Silverberry have lived in Lonsaddle for over forty years. They have three children, and Phiphil runs an honest mercantile called Perfectone that serves the town and surrounding region. You can find most things in his mercantile that are listed in the PHB, as well as nails, horseshoes, textiles, cured furs, and many other things.

Phiphil loves a good story and a fine stout beer more than anything but his family, and is a cheerful drinking companion who asks many questions about the goings on outside of his little town. He is very concerned about the new resident Master Olin Renfrin, and has pestered his servant Seeves to the point that the later actively avoids the gnome.

Phiphil Bitterroot

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