Nathan Pug

Innkeeper of the Gilded Horseshoe, Longsaddle, deceased




Nathan is a widower and runs the Gilded Horseshoe with his two twin sons Girt and Hewy. Two young women work for him that he calls his daughters but i really aren’t related, Miriam and Gelda. They act as serving wenches and maids, and support an ailing mother with their earnings.

Nathan is a no-nonsense type of man, who runs the Gilded Horseshoe as an Inn of quality, with fine linen table clothes and actual china tea sets, and the guest rooms are tastefully appointed. The lumbered wood of the inn is polished to a shine on the interior, and the wood floors are covered in thick woolen rugs. He has owned the Gilded Horseshoe for twenty five years and is on the town council and considered one of the leading citizens in the community.
Though he has a hard exterior, he is a good man with a soft heart underneath.

Nathan lost his wife six years ago to the consumption, an event he has yet to fully recover from.

Edit: Knowing that Gelda has no father to finance the wedding and provide her a dowry, Nathan has stepped up to handle both affairs. She is as a daughter to her, and wouldn’t conceive of her marrying penniless. The wedding is being planned for mid-summer.

Edit: Nathan was assassinated in his bed, apparently by members of the water cult. His body turned to seawater and flooded his room.

Nathan Pug

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