+1 Longsword, +2 vs Undead




Three and a half feet of a heavy and unidentifiable black metal, this blade glows with a blue white radiance that is as brilliant as a burning torch (light for 20ft, semi-light for 40’). The cross guard appears to be brass as well as the fittings at the top and bottom of the grip. The pommel is set with a blue sapphire that glows, and the grip is wrapped with a dark leather.

This weapon appears to have some form of emphatic sentience. The wielder feels a strong hostility to any undead nearby and a powerful urge to destroy it with Nightweaver. Regardless of an Undead’s immunities, nightweaver can always hurt an undead creature for its full damage.

Edit: Nightweaver is beginning to awaken. Altorius may now call upon Nightweaver three times a day to cast the spell Starlight (treat as a light spell with twice the area of effect and lasts 2 hours).


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