Wench at the Gilded Horseshoe, Longsaddle




One of two sisters working at the Gilded Horseshoe, Miriam has grown up with her younger sister Gelda in Longsaddle. Her father died when she was ten, and she has worked the past eight years doing odd jobs to support her mother and sister. Four years ago Master Pug hired her (and later her sister) out of compassion for their situation and now considers them to be adopted daughters. They are well beloved by most of the town and quite well protected. Many suitors try to court Miriam, but her attention is set on her family and her work. She is not unassailable, and the right man could sweep her off her feet, but she isn’t looking for that.

She is intelligent, yet uneducated, has a sweet disposition, and a ferocious protective streak for her sister and mother. Miriam is a conservative country girl who dresses modestly and doesn’t play games of flirtation with men, knowing the trouble that can bring. She tries to teach her sister to curb her behavior but Gelda is a wildcard who simply doesn’t listen. Like her sister Miriam is a great beauty, however she wears clothing that hides her figure and tries not to gain the attention of men (though this is impossible). Both of the girls have their mothers beauty and it has brought the family some grief. Perhaps Miriam’s biggest vice is that she enjoys a bit of the Thunder Grass in the summer (a weed with effects like marijuana that grows wild on the plains), which is frowned upon in town. Nathan and his boys know about her habit, and he has spoken with her about it in the past.

Edit: Much relieved that her sister Gelda is settling down to marry Thomas Ergwin, this turn of events has helped Miriam loose some of her tenseness and relax a bit. She is sill the primary caretaker of their mother, but she laughs more now and this makes her already considerable beauty radiant. She is still hooked upon Thunder Grass, but is becoming less dependent.


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