Gelda the Godlen

Wench at the Gilded Horseshoe Inn, Longsaddle




Gelda is sixteen years old, the younger sister of Miriam, both of whom work for Master Pug at the Gilded Horseshoe as maids and cooks. Gelda is the opposite of her sister, where Miriam is reserved and conservative, Gelda is wild and flashy. Where Miriam chooses to avoid men and their eyes, Gelda likes to flirt and be seen by all, with perhaps a bit too much ankle showing from her dress. This isn’t to say that Gelda makes herself available to men in town or caravan, but she plays the part of the wanton even if she doesn’t live it. This has caused problems in the Inn in the past, and Pug’s sons have had to intervene more than once with over amorous customers and men in town. Gelda is known as the best looking gal in the community, and her blonde tresses have earned her the moniker “the Golden” . Her undeniable charms have brought her both favor and hatred in nearly equal measure from the town women.

Most of the men in town adore her, and more than a couple are in love with her, but no one tolerates anyone abusing either of the sisters, even those who dislike them defend them from strangers passing through who often just see a lovely face and a body to lust for.

Gelda has a good sense of humor and an enchanting laugh, and she has a very high level of energy that one would describe as bubbly. She isn’t a fool however, neither of the sisters are, and though at sixteen she is of marrying age, she seems to have no interest in settling down with a man just yet. She, like Miriam, is devoted to her sick mother and works to keep her in medicine and with a roof.

Edit: Now engaged to be married to the town watch captain Thomas Ergwin, Gelda is giving up her flirtations and dressing more modestly. The wedding is to be held mid-summer and many men of the region are brokenhearted. Goodman Nathan and his sons are planning a grand celebration.

Gelda the Godlen

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