Arbor Grayle

Mysterious Merchant, Longsaddle




Little is known about Mr. Grayle. He showed up in the summer of 1490 Dr and began to sell musical instruments, lutes specifically, of surpassing quality to Master Olin Renfrin, and every couple of months shows up with one or two more to sell. These lutes have the style of Glim Timbers, the father of Dim the Bard, and word has gotten back to Dim about the mysterious person. He apparently lives in the nearby woods among goblinkin, and this fact has raised the ire and interest of Master Renfrin.

The party caught up with Mr. Grayle inside a goblin den within the Neverwinter wood. He was clearly surprised to see them, and quickly guessed their purpose in talking with Dim. Declaring himself the savior of Glim, he agreed to lead the party to where he is. Just a short way from his room he has attempted to raise an alarm to give the party away, and was tackled by Artourius, and we now await to find what his fate will be.

Edit: Arbor Grayle has been captured and returned to Master Renfren. The potion that was administered to him kept him asleep for many days. The group was rewarded for completing their assignment and nothing more has been seen of Grayle since.

Arbor Grayle

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