Alannah Wildlilly

Female Druid




Alannah is a young druidess whose domain appears to be the Neverwinter Forrest. The party has only met with her briefly in the logging camp clear-cut discovered in the woods, where she made a request of the group, sworn upon their god’s, to help cleanse a brackish pond near the logging camp in the clearing. She informed the group that there was something in the water poisoning it, and the surrounding clearing which she called a “wound upon the land”. The nature of the poison is such than neither she nor her father’s are able to touch the pond.

Alannah has something regal about her, a quiet but unmistakable aura of dignity. She issued no commands or demands to the group, and yet neither did her request seem desperate or beggarly. Her ability to shape shift was immediate, silent, and startling.

In return for their promised help she provided a guide “Wind in the Brush”, a twelve point buck, to guide the party to the goblin nest they are seeking.

Edit: The party has now fulfilled its promise to Alannah and have cleansed the brackish pond and retrieved a pitted bronze amulet from the muck at it’s bottom. The Five Fathers of the Wood have named the party Friend of Neverwood, and promised them aid whenever they are in the woods.

Alannah Wildlilly

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