Northern Lights

Sixth Game Session

Wherein Sparks was slain

The world has gone mad. The weather has taken on a dangerous and unpredictable dimension that is causing great havoc across the north. The unusually late winter has given way to a Spring that is alternating rapidly between cool and warm weather and is generating storms of unpredictable and unheard of power. It is if the heavens have gone to war. Poor Sparks was lost to a storm, lightning from the sky felled the mighty priest of Moradin, and she was later buried by her companions.

Returning from the woods with both a captive Arbor Grail under the effects of a powerful sleeping potion, and having rescued Dim's father whose mental and physical health is very poor, lodging was sought in the Gilded Horse Shoe Inn under the care of good Master Pug. The innkeeper was a bit taken aback by the presence of an unconcious prisoner, and there was a tense moment where you thought he might refuse you service, but Dim and Roland smoothed it over with some fast talking and a promise that it was but for one evening.

The next day Grail was delivered to Master Renfrin and rewards were distributed. Renfrin seemed quite pleased to have a chance to speak with Grail, and had him sequestered in a separate room. Questions were asked and answered, stories told, and Master Renfrin was asked about the unusual weather. He asked the group to meet him the next day for a more complete explanation.

The next day they met with him again and he related a story about a lost company of scholars from Mirabar, and that finding them would give revelations about the strange weather. Cults to the elemental God's have been gathering in the area, and the great powers of the north were beginning to take notice. He told them to begin their investigations in the town of Beliard, and so the party planned their trip and left two days hence.

First the party passed through Red Larch and made arrangements for the care of Glim Timbers with "Mother" Yolanda at her boarding house. She sympathized with Roland and promised to take good care of Glim and to nurse him back to health, at least in body. The Roland farm was visited and Roland's father gifted Velvet to him to aid him in his further adventures. After reprovisioning they continued the journey to Beliard.

Upon the way more weather disasters were met with, including a massive earthquake that shook the region to its foundations. So far they have endured a massive wind and rainstorm that flooded the region and blew over trees, fences, and even livestock. Now a earth event has happened and the party scholars are fearing some kind of fire disaster may soon be upon them. The session ended at the sight of the now cracked walls of Beliard. Smoke is rising from behind it's walls. 


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