Northern Lights

Seventh Game Session, Jan 21

New Friends

Beliard was devastated. The small community had been hit hard by the earthquake and many buildings had collapsed, several with people still in them.  As the party passed through the broken gates they were met with bedlam. A building was burning, people were franticly pulling rubble from ruined structures, animals ran amok, and the wounded seemed to be everywhere. Immediately they set about organizing the townsfolk and methodically working to clear rubble and get to those trapped within. An afternoon of labor put out the fire, saved the two children of Elliot Roadik (Joel and little Eluthia), and up in the Calling Horns Inn the wounded were treated and prayed over for miracle healing of the critically wounded. Exhausted the group all met together in the makeshift hospital which was the inn's taproom, and were fed a warm meal by a grateful populace. Oswald, Rurik, and Ilse, whose efforts with the town bonded them with the rest of the party, chatted late into the night with our heroes and it was decided that, at least for a time, they would travel with them to attempt to unravel the mysteries of the unleashing of the elements and the cults rumored to be behind them. 

That night a conversation was held with Belidard's Mayor Janus Fithers in which he expressed his gratitude and was glad to share some information valuable to the group in locating the Emissary Caravan from Mirabar. This put the party, the next day, on the south Dessarian road heading to Summit Hall, a military monastery held by the Order of the Gauntlet. Upon the way (encountering gentler, but still strange weather) they encountered a battlefield off the road west by about a mile. The guards wore the livery of Mirabar, and Tanis was able to track the attacking party, identifying them as a strong contingent of Bugbears. Making camp that night, the group was the victim of a pair of hunting Ankheg's who were put down by the combined might of the hero's, wherin Emiya was gravely wounded but saved by the healing power of Moradin. Howevedr not before she had gravely wounded the beast which had lifted her from the ground in its acid filled mandibles. 

It was soon discovered that the Bugbears had escaped by embarking upon boats into the Dessarin river, however a tall white spire was spotted in the distance which gathered the attention and curiosity of the party, and it was decided to head there. Approaching the tower they were met by a woman in knightly dress and two odd servants who were emaciated and skeletal, but moved without any signs of illness. She led them atop the spire and introduced them to the captain of their fellowship, the Featherdale Knights who had named this tower, Featherdale Spire. His name is Sir Thorle, and he greeted them graciously and showed them the grand view into Dessarin valley from the heights of the tower. Afterwards he charmingly invited the party to dine and refresh themselves within.  


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