Northern Lights

Ninth Gaming Session, February ??

Is that the Tower that started this!? as told by Emyia

Well the night of fire left us alive but many members in a deep sleep. Roland, Eurich, Errol, and Dims were all passed out leaving the choice making to the second in charge Emyia. Correct me if im wrong about that..dare ya! We decide to top the hill above the river near our cave. We discovered a fortress on the river below. We are in deep discussion about what this fortress maybe and what to do next when something gets the drop on our ranger Tansis. We all turn excepting a bugbear to have flanked us to find Sarava. She is dressed in leather armor and is armored to the teeth. She even is carrying two swords because she thinks she is a duel wielder. Art seems very pleased to have Sarava in our company but i don't trust.  She must have been behind us for the whole discussion because she began to tell us about the fortress. She told us the fortress was called River Guard Keep. The banner flying over head was the symbol of the Crushing Wave. Jollver Grimjaw was the leader of the Crushing wave. But she didn't know much else about why they were here at the old abandoned fortress. Tansis bravely volunteered to get a closer look at the fortress. However we felt that the peril was too periless. As we urged for caution we noticed a group of bugbears leave by boat from the fortress. We had a couple of options before us storm the fortress for answers, follow the boat in the left behind boat, or go back to Featherdale Spire. It should be noted that we could have been killed three times over because of all our discussion and indecision. For the second time we were taken by surprise as Dim came up form the cave to finally help us make a decision. We decide to go back to retrieve Sir Throle! We weren't sure how to best do this. I suggested that we return Sarava as an escaped prisoner to get him to let us in the door. Art and his new friend girl were not loving that idea. We still were not exactly sure how to attack but knew we needed to attack during the day. So we took cover under brush near the tower to avoid the sentry on top of the spire.  

Sarava suggested that we look form the rumored  hidden passage into the tower. Both Tansis and Emyia believe it is in the base of the tower. So Tansis offers to scout out the the door. Dims informs Emyia and Sarava that he can cast an invisibility spell so that we can provide back up for Tansis. So all three of us climb over the edge of the cliff searching for the door. Sarava stumbles upon the door and Emyia muscle the door open. All three of us enter the hall way and close the door behind us. Tansis leads us down the hall to a door. He believes its the stable because of the animal smell. We open the door and it opens up into the pin of the oldest and most crabby vulture in the stables. She begins to screech.

So we attacked the vulture. Sarava turned out to be a very accomplished duel wielder.  We make quick work of the vulture. Sarava choped the head off the vulture  and led us up through the . Our goal is to take out the sentry on top of the spire to allow us to lower the bridge unnoticed. We  gained the upper hand because of the surprised sentry. We managed to kill both with again very little damage because of Sarava fearless use of her blades and Tansis expert aim with his bow. She led us down to the room that has the lever to lower the gate. We meet only one monk and are able to best him after he recognized Sarava.  We finally made it inside the room to find that it had four people carrying on a meeting. We again fought our way through the surprised group.

Both Tansis and Emyia are in need of healing so Sarava lowers the gate and the Ilse heals all wounded. It is suggested that we check the bodies for anything that might be useful before we move on. However, in our search our handy work is discovered and the alarms are blown. we quickly make our way up the stairs to stop the alarm before the knights are called back to help.

  A blood bath occurs on the stair case leading to Sir Throle's study and the source of the alarm. Art and Emyia are getting beat to a pulp but are working through the two knights and two squires in front of them. Sarava and Dims are fighting two monks and killed one monk that jumped in the middle of the group.  Tansis is taking aim at with his bow when Dims and Sarava get blown to the back of the group just in time to hear a mighty roar and a loud thud. He looks back in time to see Sir Throle riding his Griffin in through the opened front door of the tower. 

And that's about all i have to say 


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