Northern Lights

Fourth Game Session Oct 22nd

Wherein Glim was found


GM's Report

   Arbor Grayle proved to be quite the warrior in the end. Grappled to the hard stone floor by Arturious and assaulted by various members of the party (some more or less accurately), he-never the-less managed to wiggle free and leap to his feet dagger in hand, all the while yelling curses at Chief Brokenear for him to come help him. Several times the party assaulted the wiley Grayle, and each time he was able to wiggle free, at one point tumbling in a stunning display of acrobatics past the entire company of adventurers and fleeing to the end of the hall, beating on a door there. It was here that he was finally cornered and pummeled into unconsciousness.

   In the quiet that followed it was found that something was unchaining the door Grayle had pounded upon from the other side, and Errol attempted to open that heavy oak door before it could emerge, but found it was jammed by heavy chain, so he put his back into it and pushed it open only to have his bell rung as a blade crashed down upon his helm. Thus began another furious combat as Brokenear was revealed along with two unusually large female goblins, both armed with scimitars. Brokenear was huge for a goblin, standing as tall as a man and well-muscled. He was dressed in a heavy chain shirt and wielded a longsword made of dark metal that glowed with a strong blue-white radiance (about the strength of a torch). His right ear was more than half missing and his eyes were full of fury.


   Errol, dazed and standing in the door frame charged into the room past Brokenear to discover the second goblin woman and was engaged by both females, while Brokenear continued to fight the party in the hallway. Brokenear’s talent with the blade was astonishing, he wielded it moved in a blurr in his blade striking like a pile hammer and slicing through armor and flesh. The party fought valiantly but even so Sparkles was heavily wounded and Arturious was cut down.

   During the fight, Sparkles fell back and healed herself and then noticed a light behind them. Moving to investigate she found a young human make, obviously a prisoner of the goblins, in the pit that opened nearly trapping Dim earlier. Also with him was Glim Timbers, in a fast sleep. Using a rope she managed to help both out of the pit trap, and they quickly decided to rush back to the fight.

   Errol, in the Goblins room, ignored the two females that were ineffectually beating on his armor and attacked Brokenear causing the Chieftain to back away from the doorway enough that he had the whole party and Errol on either side of him, then he began to beat upon both with broad sweeps of his glowing blade. Though he punished the party near to the breaking point, he also was taking terrible wounds and in a very quick maneuver he reached out and grabbed a nearby concubine and changed places with her right as Tanis attacked with his dagger, which he thrust in her belly instead of the chief’s. Brokenear then disappeared into the room, but not before laying Errol low with a sword stroke.

  The wounded goblin consort attempted to flee, but turned to give her lord and the other female time to escape at the cost of her life. There then came a pause, wounds were tended to, the door into the chamber was chained off, and a hurried discussion was had regarding what to do next. During that time, from deep within the complex, a drumbeat was heard. A single reverberating boom heard through the rock that was shortly repeated again and again. This caused the group to decide to flee down the secret passage, however they soon learned that Brokenear was not finished. He had armored himself with plates and picked up an enormous shield and had returned to finish the fight. Tanis, Rince, Errol, and Dim began to pepper him with bowfire, to which he sacrificed his last consort in a move like the one he made earlier. Charging down the passage he was ultimately finished by the various missiles that were launched at him.

   Looting his body, his sword and a magical pouch were procured from Brokenear, and further down the passage a room was found with chests of coin and a great deal of random gear. Rince’s equipment was found, though the search was quick, and the party made it to the end of the passage, and eventually escaped the goblin nest.

   Deciding that distance from the complex was needed they pushed on past early nightfall and shortly thereafter made camp; they fell exhausted into bed leaving guards left to watch for pursuit, and pursuit did indeed come. First horn calls were heard, and when it was obvious that they were getting closer, and the howling of wargs was in the air. Camp was struck with haste and the group began to run in the darkness through the snow. Then something odd happened, there was the sound of an engagement behind them, the goblins had been intercepted by some force, the wargs were heard growling and clashes of arms danced through the trees. Arturious felt a familiar bane nearby but controlled his panic. Pausing only momentarily to assess what they could with their ears, the group then  again to flee until early dawn, when complete exhaustion finally overtook them. A camp was struck, and some sleep was had, but not much.

   Errol spied movement during his watch in the trees following the party’s trail. Five zombies, with glowing eyes and frost and ice clinging to skin and clothes were ambling slowly forwards through the winter woods seemingly intent on the camp. Depleted of resources, exhausted and frightened, we wait until next session to see what the fate of these adventurer’s shall be.


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