Northern Lights

First Game Session Sept 10th

Winter has long fingers.

GM’s Report

Game Session #1 Sept 10


   The campaign start date was DR1491, the 2nd of Mirtul, and as the Northern saying goes, “Winter has long fingers”. Typically, there is freezing weather and snow from Uktar (sometimes late Marpenoth) to Mirtul, and this year has been no exception. All members of the group began this day in or around Red Larch, two of them in The Inn of the Swinging Sword, awakening to the sound of an early caravan stopping in town. Dim quickly learned that the master of the venture had carried a letter to him from Waterdeep, in which the news was given that his father may still be alive somewhere and not dead these past six years as he had thought. Lutes with his father’s craftsmanship had begun appearing in Waterdeep. The only information given was that they were sold by a merchant in Longsaddle by the name of Olin Renfrin

   Though the snow lay heavily upon the ground and the nights are yet dangerously cold, it was decided to set out at once to Longsaddle, and Roland’s father reluctantly provided Velvet, a mule for the journey. The tenday venture became a twelve day journey in which Dim became very ill with pneumonia. The party met with the Innkeeper of the Gilded Horseshoe, one Nathan Pug and his twin sons Girt and Hewey, as well as his young daughters Miriam and Golden Gelda. The girls nursed Dim back to health over eight days, while the party weathered a late winter storm at the Inn, getting to know the proprietor and his family as good and honest people.

   Once nursed back to health and the storm had blown over, the party then crossed the small town to the old Harspell mansion which had been purchased a year ago and remodeled into a private abode fronted by an unusual shop, the name of which is Treasure Hill. Once inside they met the proprietor Master Renfrin, who appears as an older gentleman  who walks with the assistance of a cane. Refined, dignified, and world wise, there was something about the man that set the party on edge. Dim explained their purpose and the party was sent packing with a promise of a meeting the next day. At that meeting Master Renfrin met with them in his shop, and he was upset. Discovering that he had likely been swindled by the individual selling him the lutes, he commissioned the party to find the fellow (Arbor Grayle) and bring him back alive. Again, the party had the impression this time of sublime power of a frightening intensity from Master Renfrin, and the sense that disappointing him might be unhealthy.

   The melt has begun in earnest and the grass of the fields is starting to appear above the now diminished snowpack. The party is prepared to set off in pursuit of Grayle and Glim, Dim’s father, when two friends arrive in town looking for them.


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