Northern Lights

Eighth Session, February ??

As told by guest story teller Emyia the Barbarian

With the brightest and most gleaming smile plastered on any person the party has met so far, Sir Throle extends an innovation of rest and dinner to the exhausted party.  The woman that met us at the draw bridge leads us to a large  common room in the middle of the  gleaming  white tower. Everything so far about this place gleams but it is not all the pretty.  She is clearly star struck by a certain Paladin as she offers us every hospitality. Artie our self renowned lady killer finally recognizes the lass. He is able to charm more information from Savara through his "Charisma" charming the ladies. She suggests that we enjoy some rest in this room before the knights return and dinner is served. Nothing that she tells us puts us at ease. So we decide to not do as told.

Instead Dim, Master Word Smith, takes up the mantel of digging up dirt on Sir Throle and his gleaming "suspicious" operation.  Dims nearly avoids our highly skilled babysitter guarding our door and sneaks up into Sir Throle's study. After some very tense moments and a near un-stealth-ing Dims brings back a short communication that confirms our dread and that Emyia is not just a paranoid hermit lacking trust in any humanoid life form. Sir Throle is indeed a gleaming polished skat.  However, we can not act on this information because all the knights have returned and dinner prepared. 

Art who is usually overly happy and frustratingly outgoing is very restrained and sober. He recognizes faces and does not like the character of Sir Throle's knights. Dims decides to break the tension felt by our party with his Ballad to Sparks Fireforge.  As expected our party is very moved by his memorial. The knights and Sir Throl are complacent  and don't even seem to appreciate the entertainment.  However, Savara is moved to tears. Ilse Fireforge is deeply touched by our love for her lost dead sister. Dims cemented her commitment to our party. 

As the party dies down, not foreshadowing, we are told of a theft and that we are locked in our room for our own safety. Roland who has been very calmly absorbing the details of our night thus far imparts his sagely wisdom to the frustrated party. Sir Throle is the one Master Rinfrin has sent us the retrieve. He also believes the Sir Throle's ring, offered to the knight that brings the head of the long hunted beast, is in fact the artifact that will help us restore order the elements.

The next morning we are given a lead by a very angry Sir Throle. We are then asked to leave the tower because we were no longer welcome. As Savara walks us out the tower she hangs back and speaks with Art. We hastily leave and decide to go the opposite direction of our lead. We instead head south following the river in hopes of finding Bugbears. Tanis informs us that we are being followed by a giant vulture rider. The rider tails us until we make our turn south on the river. He then turns back to the tower.

We continue and take the south fork of the river when Tansis tells us we are being followed again by four riders in the sky. We quickly tie off our horses. Errol tells us to split up and take cover. We all make ready for long distance battle. Three riders on Vultures split off to devour our horses. One rider on a hippogriff attacks our party members. Before Emyia throws a single Juvlin, our two priest jump into action. Ilse and Eurich make buffalo griffin wings out of the rider and the hippogriff with a few area of affect spells. The three riders on vultures decide to leave this world after aggressive negations. 

We gather our blood soaked gear and being again on our path. However, Tansis again warns us of a huge grass fire. We find a cave to take cover in and camp through the night of fire unharmed thanks to an insane amount of luck. 

And that's about all i have to say about that..


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